May 22, 2018

Following Sir David Attenborough’s passionate speech about plastic pollution at the end of Blue Planet 2 last year, plastic has certainly been at the forefront of most people’s minds. Sir David’s message sent ripples of inspiration throughout its audience, from regular people trying to cut down their plastic use, to the Environment Secretary Michael Gove, and even the Queen.


Yorkshire Water has since launched a campaign, #YorkshireOnTap, which aims to eradicate the circulation of one million single use plastic bottles over the next three years. The campaign will see the introduction of “Refill Yorkshire”, which will provide local shops the opportunity to add themselves as free water stations in order to encourage consumers to favour the “best water in the country” by means of free Yorkshire Water refills. Yorkshire Water have developed a free Refill App which will allow businesses to register as a water station, and for the public to find the closest water station to them.


Director of Communications at Yorkshire Water, Richard Emmott, said: “We have all seen the devastating effects plastic bottles can have on the environment. Yorkshire on Tap is our commitment to change that. Reducing the number of plastic bottles by one million is certainly a challenge. Those bottles placed on top of each other would be the equivalent height of 14 Mount Everest’s!”


As a company based in West Yorkshire, and having been involved in a wealth of environmental campaigns, we think this is a fantastic development and will be looking out for the stickers in participating businesses’ windows for our next free refill!