Tracking resident perceptions about Manchester City Council provides insight to support planning of services

Enventure Research first appointed to deliver the resident tracker survey

Resident tracker surveys delivered for Manchester City Council to date

Manchester residents interviewed to date


Manchester City Council is a large unitary authority with a population of more than half a million residents. It undertakes a large amount of bespoke research with residents on a range of specific topics but is also keen to understand residents’ perceptions of Manchester City Council and the services it provides.

In 2012, it commissioned its first tracker survey to monitor perceptions of residents, which in turn has provided invaluable insight for service delivery. Enventure Research has been commissioned on five occasions to continually deliver the tracker survey.


The tracker survey is delivered quarterly, interviewing 800 residents throughout the city, predominately over the telephone, but also capturing views of younger residents via face-to-face interviews. Quotas are set to ensure the sample spoken to is representative of the Manchester population.

Questions remain largely the same in each survey so that responses can be tracked against previous survey responses. There are also additional questions added on a one-off basis, covering important topics pertinent to service delivery, or responding to local, regional or national issues, for example, Covid recovery, climate change, and the housing and rental market.


Following fieldwork interviews and quality checks, the results are compared with previous results and displayed in a report, which enables council officers to monitor perceptions and views about key services, so that action can be taken if necessary to improve service delivery. It also provides insight for future service planning. Raw data from each survey is also provided allowing for further detailed analysis of the results if required.

“We have worked with Enventure for many years, commissioning research on a range of themes from resident perception, zero carbon and attitudes around climate change to the economic impact of Christmas and visitor research. Mark and the team at Enventure are always a pleasure to work with. Professional, knowledgeable, friendly and reliable. They always hit agreed deadlines, even when turnaround is tight and are on hand throughout the research period to offer advice on methodology, update on progress and answer any queries following the delivery of the final results.”

Sarah Teague

Communications Business Partner, Manchester City Council