Survey conducted with residents of South Thamesmead as part of international regeneration project, CLEVER Cities

South Thamesmead residents interviewed

Countries belong to the international project

Days of survey fieldwork


CLEVER Cities is an international project which aims to regenerate cities with nature across several countries. As part of this project, regenerations and improvements have been made and planned for the South Thamesmead area in London. Enventure Research was appointed by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to conduct a survey with South Thamesmead residents to explore their opinions of the regeneration in their local area.


A questionnaire was designed by the GLA and Enventure Research, repeating many questions from other surveys undertaken as part of the CLEVER Cities project to ensure international comparisons could be made. The survey was administered face to face at community engagement events, on-street and on residents’ doorsteps across the South Thamesmead estate. Respondents were given a £5 gift card as a thank you for participation upon completion.


Enventure Research provided detailed reporting on the survey findings, including relevant subgroup analysis to explore the results by different groups such as gender, age group, ethnicity, area and length of residency. Key survey findings were also presented in an infographic report, which was used by the GLA to visually present the findings to stakeholders.

“The CLEVER Cities project is a really interesting venture and it was an honour to be asked to contribute with this survey of residents in South Thamesmead. Having worked in Thamesmead on behalf of Peabody since 2019, we understand the importance of asking residents to provide their opinion on a number of topics related to the development in their area, and how much they appreciate being asked.”

Katie Osborne

Senior Research Executive, Enventure Research