Research with visitors and non-visitors to Kingston town centre to support business planning and future marketing activities

On-street interviews with visitors to Kingston town centre

On-street interviews in neighbouring town centres

Dedicated research reports produced


Kingston First is the Business Improvement District (BID) for Kingston upon Thames town centre. It was established in 2005 as not-for-profit, and is responsible for delivering a number of innovating projects that aim to improve the trading environment of Kingston.

To support the development of its strategic marketing for Kingston and business planning, Kingston First commissioned Enventure Research on two occasions to conduct research exploring perceptions of the town centre, firstly with those who used the town centre (visitor research) and subsequently with visitors to neighbouring town centres (non-visitor research).


For each research project, a questionnaire was developed in partnership between Enventure Research and Kingston First and administered face-to-face on-street by skilled market research interviewers who approached every nth person to achieve a random sample. Interviewers were positioned at various sampling points around Kingston town centre, and, for the non-visitor research, in neighbouring town centres.

For the visitor research, an online survey was securely hosted by Enventure Research to supplement the on-street interviewing. The online survey was promoted by Kingston First through social media and email.


In total, 810 interviews were conducted on-street with visitors to Kingston, including 210 interviews where additional questions were asked specifically relating to the Ancient Market Place. Feedback provided by visitors supplied Kingston First with valuable insight into frequency and method of travel to Kingston, activities undertaken whilst in the town centre, positive and negative aspects of Kingston and use of competitor towns and shopping centres.

During the second piece of research with non-visitors to Kingston, 1,001 on-street interviews were conducted. Feedback collected included perceptions of Kingston, usage of other town centres, reasons for not visiting Kingston more frequently and encouragement factors for visiting.

Following fieldwork for each project, Enventure Research undertook detailed analysis and reporting on the findings, providing Kingston First with valuable insight to support its future marketing activities.

“Working with Kingston First was really interesting because of the work it did with local businesses and visitors to Kingston. The research should make a huge impact on planning and delivery of future marketing activities for Kingston.”

Mark Robinson

Managing Director, Enventure Research