Research delivered across two phases to better understand the digital behaviour of Clarion Housing residents

Clarion Housing residents completed the online survey

In-depth interviews conducted with residents

Focus groups delivered in the second phase


Enventure Research was appointed to undertake a two-phase programme of research with Clarion Housing residents to better understand their digital behaviour, how they interact with Clarion Housing online and offline, and how they would prefer to engage in the future via online channels.


The first phase of the research included an online survey which was promoted via and sent to approximately 7,000 residents via personalised email invitation. The online survey received 600 responses and was followed by a series of 15 in-depth interviews with residents.

For the second phase of the research, three 90-minute focus groups were moderated by Enventure Research. These were used to explore the survey results in greater detail and to explore opinions on potential concepts for future online communications with Clarion Housing.


Two separate reports were created for each phase of the research in PowerPoint format, followed by a presentation on the key findings to staff in the digital team at Clarion Housing. The findings will be used to help shape future online methods of communication between Clarion Housing and its residents.

“Having worked with the research team at Clarion Housing since 2017, it was a pleasure to work with the digital team for this project. Delivering mixed methodology research is always interesting as we are able to explore any interesting findings from the quantitative research during the qualitative element to understand the ‘how’ and ‘why’. This approach worked well for this project as it enabled us to provide Clarion Housing with an in-depth understanding of its residents’ digital behaviour to help shape its future digital offer.”

Katie Osborne

Senior Research Executive, Enventure Research