Regular resident surveys provide Cornwall Council with evidence to support planning and delivery of services

Enventure Research first appointed to deliver the survey.

Resident surveys delivered for Cornwall Council to date.

Cornwall residents interviewed to date.


Cornwall Council’s regular resident survey provides feedback on what is important to people and what they think of the organisation, the services it provides and its value for money.

Results from the surveys provide Cornwall Council with evidence to support planning and delivery of services.

Enventure Research was first appointed in 2018 to undertake regular quantitative surveys with a cross section of residents from across Cornwall.

Following a tendering process, Enventure Research was re-appointed in 2022 to conduct the subsequent four iterations of the survey.


Each wave, Enventure Research co-designs the questionnaire with Cornwall Council that uses questions from the Local Government Association’s (LGA) guidance, ‘Are you being served?’ guidance and bespoke questions designed by Enventure Research.

The questionnaire is designed to be asked within a 12 minute interview.

In the latest wave of the survey in autumn 2022, Enventure Research interviewed 1,100 residents aged 16+ across Cornwall using a mixed methodology of telephone and face-to-face on-street interviewing.

Each wave, quotas are set on age, gender and area to produce a sample that is representative of these characteristics.

Interviews are carried out at various times of day, six days a week to ensure a variety of demographics, life-stages and communities are included.


Each wave, Enventure Research provides Cornwall Council with a detailed research report that provides insight into the findings, comparisons with previous surveys to analyse trends and differences, confidence intervals, subgroup analysis, and benchmarking with the LGA’s national results across other council areas.

The report highlights to the Council where improvements have been seen and identifies areas for future improvement, which helps the Council plan and deliver its services to residents more effectively.

“Enventure Research have helped us keep our commitment to listening to residents and acting in their best interests. Regular resident surveys help us understand what residents think of their Council, the services it provides and its value for money. Enventure have made this process easy and efficient for us, and the survey is now an integral part of the way we listen to our residents and view our performance. We have full trust in Enventure and their professional process, and we look forward to working with them for the next iterations of our annual survey.”

Joe Pas

Delivery & Analysis Specialist, Cornwall Council