Regular research to provide insight into General Optical Council registrants’ perceptions and experiences of clinical practice

Registrant surveys delivered for the GOC to date

Optical professionals invited to take part in the survey


Response rate achieved in 2020


The General Optical Council (GOC) is the regulator for the optical professions in the UK, with the overarching statutory purpose to protect, promote and maintain the health and safety of the public. The GOC currently registers nearly 30,000 optometrists, dispensing opticians and student optical professionals.

To help track registrants’ views and perceptions of the GOC, and their experiences of working in clinical practice, a regular survey of registrants is carried out. Enventure Research delivered the two most recent surveys in 2016 and 2021, and was engaged to conduct the research again in 2022.


A questionnaire was designed by the GOC and Enventure Research, including a mix of previously used questions to allow for benchmarking and new questions to cover additional topics of interest. The survey was securely hosted online and personalised invitations to take part were emailed to all GOC registrants with a valid email address, with reminders sent to boost the response rate.

An open-access link to the survey was also promoted by the GOC and stakeholder organisations via email newsletters and social media.


The survey was live for five weeks and 4,102 responses were received. This represented a positive response rate of 14% and provided a robust sample size for confident statistical analysis.

Analysis and reporting on the results was undertaken by Enventure Research, including relevant subgroup analysis and comparisons to previous years’ surveys to track changes over time. An easily digestible infographic report was also provided to the GOC alongside the detailed written report and data tables. The findings provided the GOC with useful insight into the views and perceptions of the optical workforce, and will allow it to better support its registrants.

The GOC registrant survey will be undertaken again in 2023 by Enventure Research.

“Enventure Research have helped us keep our commitment to listening to residents and acting in their best interests. Regular resident surveys help us understand what residents think of their Council, the services it provides and its value for money. Enventure have made this process easy and efficient for us, and the survey is now an integral part of the way we listen to our residents and view our performance. We have full trust in Enventure and their professional process, and we look forward to working with them for the next iterations of our annual survey.”

Matt Thurman

Research Director, Enventure Research