Providing membership insight since 2011 via four membership surveys for the Association of Anaesthetists

Years of providing research for the Association

Full member surveys delivered, plus a number of other research projects

Response rate achieved


The Association of Anaesthetists conducts regular research with its members to ensure that it continues to reflect their needs, views and opinions and provides appropriate support and assistance within the field of anaesthesia.

Enventure Research has been working with the Association since 2011 and has been commissioned to deliver four membership surveys on behalf of the Association within that time. This makes the Association of Anaesthetists Enventure Research’s most longstanding professional membership organisation client. The most recent wave of the survey was delivered in 2022.


For each membership survey, we work in partnership with the Association to design an updated questionnaire, ensuring that some questions are repeated for benchmarking. Topics covered include satisfaction with and perceptions of the Association, experiences of the anaesthesia workforce, evaluation of membership benefits and services, value for money, and thoughts on future priorities of the organisation.

The survey is delivered online and widely promoted to members via email, social media, the Association’s website, other online networks, and at events.


Excellent response rates have been achieved (as high as 28%), providing a robust and representative sample size for analysis. For each survey, detailed analysis of the survey results is undertaken and presented in clear and easy-to-understand reports and presentations.

Survey findings have provided the Association with invaluable and up to date feedback from its members, tracking attitudes over a long period of time and also gaining insight into topical issues facing the profession of anaesthesia.

“We were really pleased with the excellent and professional service we got from Enventure Research. They delivered us excellent results on time and to budget, even dealing with our niggling last minute requests. I wish working with other agencies and suppliers was always this straightforward, easy and pleasant!”

Nicola Heard

Head of Education and Membership Services, Association of Anaesthetists