Providing baseline findings for a public campaign evaluation in Derby about the impact of harmful drinking

Telephone interviews undertaken

Postcode areas sampled in Derby


Drinkaware’s remit is to reduce the UK public’s alcohol misuse and harm through the campaigns it runs. In partnership with partners and stakeholders, Drinkaware planned to launch a programme of public education and publicity about the impact of harmful drinking in Derby.

To evaluate the impact of the campaign, Drinkaware wished to conduct a baseline pre-campaign survey with a broadly representative sample of Derby residents aged 18+ who drink alcohol and planned to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign with future surveys. Drinkaware appointed Enventure Research to conduct a quantitative survey with a cross-section of residents across the city.


Enventure Research co-designed the survey questionnaire with Drinkaware. The questionnaire covered topics such as attitudes towards and understanding of alcohol, alcohol consumption and attempts at moderating/reducing drinking levels, and campaign awareness and understanding.

Experienced interviewers conducted the survey with 1,000 residents who drink alcohol across eight postcode areas in Derby. Quotas were set on age and sex to provide a sample that was representative in terms of those characteristics. Interviews were carried out at various times of day, six days a week to ensure a variety of demographics, life-stages and communities were included.


Researchers from Enventure Research undertook quality checks on the returned data and coded free-text verbatim comments from open-end questions. The coded data file was provided to Drinkaware for internal analysis, along with a set of tables with agreed cross-breaks.

“Enventure Research has been a fantastic contact for us. They are swift in their responses, understanding of our needs, professional and robust in their approach, and deliver data in multiple formats, all within deadlines required. We would highly recommend their services.”

Dr Emma Catterall

Evidence and Research Associate, Drinkaware