In-depth qualitative research exploring perceptions and demand for media-related courses and training in West Yorkshire

Interviews with senior managers in marketing and communications

Organisation types represented, including SMEs, public sector and third sector

Approximate length of interviews, in minutes


The School of Arts and Communication at Leeds Trinity University offers a range of media-related courses and training, including traditional and new media such as social media, for business in the region. To ensure the services meet local demand, Leeds Trinity University wished to redesign and refine its Continual Professional Development (CPD) provision in media training and promote it to the most appropriate clients within the region.

Enventure Research was therefore commissioned to design and undertake a programme of qualitative research, in order to determine the local demand for CPD in the field of traditional and new media from organisations in the regional public, third and SME sectors.


Semi-structured interviews were held with senior marketing and communication managers from a broad range of companies and organisations in the public, third and SME sectors across West Yorkshire. Interviews were conducted by telephone and lasted approximately 20 minutes.

Recruitment was approached in a number of different ways. Firstly, Leeds Trinity University invited a database of potential participants via email to complete an online registration form, designed and hosted by Enventure Research, if they were interested in taking part in the research. Following this, Leeds Trinity University provided Enventure Research with contact details of individuals who were either part of the University’s Business Network, had previously received media training from the University, or had recently enquired about doing so. Finally, Enventure Research invited companies and organisations based in West Yorkshire to participate, sourced through desk research.

Interviewers followed a specifically designed interview guide to allow a wide range of questions about local demand for media training to be covered. The guide was designed in consultation with Leeds Trinity University. Interviews were digitally recorded for analysis, with the informed consent of participants.


A total of 13 semi-structured interviews with senior marketing and communications managers were conducted by Enventure Research, gathering feedback on participants’ current and future use of media, perceptions of media training, and their preferred format of media training, including cost, length of time and location. Following fieldwork, all feedback was collated and analysed by Enventure Research to draw out the key topics mentioned by participants and identify common themes.

A report was produced containing the main themes arising from the discussions and including anonymised verbatim comments to bring the findings to light. The report provided useful recommendations to help Leeds Trinity University refine and promote its CPD offer within the region, ensuring it is able to meet local demand.

“The approach we took provide Leeds Trinity University with some real insight from local organisations and business and has helped the University create some valuable training provision.”

Mark Robinson

Managing Director, Enventure Research