Helping West Yorkshire Combined Authority understand travel habits and perceptions of its travel brands

West Yorkshire residents interviewed by telephone

Areas of West Yorkshire surveyed


Of the working West Yorkshire public commute by car or van


West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) wished to undertake research to help understand consumers’ travel choices and behaviours, and how the Metro and CityConnect brands are perceived in the minds of key stakeholders, consumers and non-users. WYCA planned to combine the findings from the research with existing internal research to provide a solid evidence base on which to develop future campaigns as the region moves towards becoming a Mayoral Combined Authority.

Enventure Research was appointed to conduct a survey with residents across West Yorkshire to understand travel behaviours, perceptions and awareness of the WYCA travel brands.


Enventure Research worked with WYCA to design a questionnaire to understand the public’s travel habits and choices, barriers to using more environmentally friendly forms of transport such as walking, cycling and public transport, awareness and perceptions of travel brands, and attitudes towards rebranding Metro.

The survey was administered via telephone interview by an experienced team of Interviewer Quality Control Scheme (IQCS) trained interviewers. During fieldwork, 750 interviews were achieved with residents across five areas of West Yorkshire. To ensure that the sample broadly reflected the local population, sampling quotas were set on the latest population data for age, gender, ethnicity and local authority district.


Enventure Research provided WYCA with a detailed research report that provided insight into the findings, including subgroup analysis. The report concluded that although car usage was by far the most common form of transport, some residents could be motivated to use other forms such as cycling and public transport if local facilities were improved. The research also highlighted there were high awareness levels of the Metro brand, but lower awareness of WYCA, the West Yorkshire Bus Alliance, CityConnect and Cycling UK. The findings are being used by WYCA to develop advertising campaigns and to inform branding reviews.

“We were really pleased to work with WYCA on this important and interesting research project. The findings will be of great value to WYCA as it continues to plan and execute advertising campaigns and branding reviews.”

Andrew Cameron

Associate Research Director, Enventure Research