Generating up to date member insight for the Chartered Institute of  Trade Mark Attorneys

trade mark and design legal professionals represented by CITMA

Survey responses received


Response rate


The Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys (CITMA) is a professional membership organisation representing the interests of over 1,700 Chartered Trade Mark Attorneys, paralegals, those in training and support roles, and barristers and solicitors with a trade mark or design interest working around the world.

Following the development of a new strategic plan in 2021, CITMA wished to engage with its members to better understand their views and experiences, what they want from membership, and to assess demand for new ideas.

CITMA had not conducted a member survey since 2013, meaning up to date insight was required. Enventure Research was commissioned to carry out the 2022 survey.


Enventure Research worked with CITMA to develop a questionnaire covering topics such as membership benefits, events, training, learning and development. Questions were carefully designed to allow new benchmarks to be set so that future sentiment and demand can be measured over time.

The survey was hosted online and personalised survey invitations were emailed to all CITMA members, followed by targeted reminders to non-responders.

The survey link was also promoted by CITMA via email newsletters, at the Spring Conference, and via LinkedIn.

To encourage participation in the survey, CITMA committed to donating £1 for every response received to the mental health charity Jonathan’s Voice.


During the survey period, 438 responses were received, representing 26% response rate.

Enventure Research carried out detailed analysis of the survey data, looking for interesting patterns and findings. All free-text survey responses were thematically coded for analysis.

The survey findings were presented in a comprehensive and accessible research report, which included a set of actionable conclusions and recommendations.

The research findings have proved extremely useful for CITMA, providing new and up to date insight into their members and highlighting areas to grow and opportunities to improve.

“It was great to work with the Chartered Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys, who were a new client for us. The member survey had high levels of engagement and generated some really useful insight for CITMA, setting the organisation up to track member attitudes and perceptions into the future and measure progress. We are continuing to work with CITMA on follow up pieces of research.”

Matt Thurman

Research Director, Enventure Research