Delivering insight into what Directors UK members need from their membership to help with workplace challenges

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Directors UK is the professional association for British directors working in the audiovisual sector. The organisation is both a collective management organisation for the distribution of secondary rights payments to directors, and the campaigning body seeking to protect and enhance the rights of directors in the UK.

The unprecedented events of the last few years have changed the landscape of the UK television and film industry. In Town Halls held by Directors UK and at other events this year, Directors UK had heard from members about the challenges they are facing.

Directors UK wished to conduct a survey to better understand what its members needed from their membership organisation to help meet these challenges, how they perceive and value the work that Directors UK does and the membership offering.

Directors UK appointed Enventure Research to deliver its first member survey in 2023.


A questionnaire was co-designed by Directors UK and Enventure Research, covering topics such as satisfaction and recommending membership, membership benefits, perceptions of Directors UK, membership criteria, communication and support.

The survey was administered via email to all members, with personalised links sent to members, with three follow-up reminders to encourage participation. An open-access link to the survey was also created, allowing promotion of the survey via a number of online channels including social media.


A positive response rate to the survey was achieved, with 1,498 responses received, representing a response rate of 20%. This provided a robust sample size for confident statistical analysis. Detailed analysis on all findings was undertaken by Enventure Research and presented in a comprehensive report, including an infographic executive summary to make the findings easy for staff and the Directors UK Board to digest.

The report provided useful insight into the perceptions and experiences of members, awareness levels of benefits and how best to communicate and engage with and support members in the future.