Annual representative telephone survey of Clarion Housing residents

Telephone interviews with Clarion residents each year

Enventure Research first appointed to undertake Index Survey

Research projects delivered for Clarion by Enventure Research to date


Clarion Housing is the UK’s largest housing association, owning and managing around 125,000 homes.

Clarion conducts regular research with residents, including the Clarion Index, an annual representative sample survey, running since 2012, which collects insight into residents’ lives, views, behaviours and experiences, covering a number of topics.

Enventure Research has conducted the Index Survey for Clarion each year since 2017, alongside various other research projects.

Enventure Research was re-commissioned to deliver the most recent phase of the research in summer 2022.


Each year, a sample of 2,000 Clarion residents are interviewed via telephone by trained market research interviewers. Quotas are set on age, gender, ethnicity, and region to ensure a representative sample is achieved.

The questionnaire is developed in partnership between Clarion and Enventure Research, and includes a mixture of tracking questions repeated in each wave of the survey and new questions related to specific topics of interest. For example, the 2022 survey focused heavily on cost of living crisis, introducing more questions about household budgets, energy bills, and coping with the unpreceded increases. This approach allows perceptions regarding key areas to be tracked over time, alongside the flexibility to explore current areas of focus.


The large sample interviewed each year for the Index Survey allows for confident statistical analysis.

Following the interviewing period, raw data and data tabulations are provided to Clarion for in-house analysis.

Enventure Research also delivers a presentation of the key survey findings each year in order to demonstrate how Clarion residents’ perceptions and experiences are changing and developing over time.

Findings from the Index Survey are used by Clarion to shape its services, identify support needs and target new initiatives. The Index is also used to track key resident wellbeing indicators.

“Everyone I have dealt with at Enventure Research has been very helpful and professional. Matt has led on qual and quant projects with us for over five years and has really taken the time to understand our customers as well as our business needs. His collaborative and flexible approach adds huge value to an organisation like ours, where external events and internal changes mean we are often looking at entirely new situations and needing rapid turnarounds. Enventure feel more like another member of our team than an agency and that’s why I’d happily recommend them to anyone.”

Dr Elanor Warwick

Head of Strategy - Policy, Evidence and Research, Clarion Housing