Visitor Satisfaction Research with Users of Cricklewood Town Centre

Jul 12, 2014

Enventure Research has been appointed by the London Borough of Barnet and partners (including the London Boroughs of Brent and Camden) to conduct its on-street 2014 Visitor Satisfaction Survey.  The survey will measure the impact of the activities undertaken by the Cricklewood Town Team following the allocation of £1.676m from the Outer London Fund (OLF), alongside complementary funding from the London Boroughs of Barnet and Brent. The OLF, a three-year initiative launched by the Mayor of London is dedicated to strengthening the vibrancy and growth of selected high streets and town centres in London.


Cricklewood’s OLF funding supported a package of activities, brought together as the ‘Cricklewood Project’.  The Cricklewood Project has been delivered by the London Borough of Barnet in partnership with the Cricklewood Town Team and activities undertaken have included redesigning public spaces, smartening shop fronts, boosting business, creating networks and hosting events.


A baseline Visitor Satisfaction Survey was undertaken in 2013 in order to establish satisfaction levels of Cricklewood town centre users and inform future strategies prior to any activities being undertaken as part of the Cricklewood Project.


Enventure will undertake the 2014 Visitor Satisfaction Survey, which will focus on the same areas as the 2013 survey in order to allow benchmarking of results, describing visitor profiles, measuring satisfaction in a number of areas and assessing changes to satisfaction levels since commencement of the Project.  A total of 500 users of Cricklewood town centre will be surveyed via a combination on on-street interviews and online surveying.  Enventure will provide detailed statistical analysis and comprehensive reporting on all research findings.  The fieldwork is due to commence in summer 2014.