Understanding regional stakeholders’ perceptions of the University of Warwick

Sep 15, 2023

In 2021, Enventure Research was commissioned by the University of Warwick to undertake a programme of qualitative research with regional stakeholders to explore their perceptions of the university’s regional activity and understand their perceptions of the university itself. Enventure Research was recently appointed to deliver similar research again in 2023.

Using the version from 2021 as a starting point, a discussion guide was designed in partnership between the University of Warwick and Enventure Research. Topics included stakeholders’ relationship with the university, awareness and perceptions of the university’s regional activity, the university’s role in the West Midlands region, and perceptions of the university’s branding attributes. The guide was then used to shape a series of in-depth interviews lasting between 30-45 minutes.

Throughout the summer, a total of 23 stakeholders took part in the research. Participants were from a range of businesses and organisations in terms of their sector, size, and relationship and involvement with the university. For each interview, a donation was made to IntoUniversity, a charity which helps to support young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Following thematic analysis of the qualitative feedback, the university was provided with a comprehensive written report outlining the common findings, including anonymised verbatim quotes from the in-depth interviews. Key findings and conclusions were also provided, including comparisons with the findings from the 2021 research to highlight any similarities and differences. These findings will be used to inform the university’s communications about its regional activity with stakeholders.

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