Enventure’s research provides Calderdale Council with an understanding of behaviours and attitudes to Health in Calderdale

May 1, 2015

Enventure Research successfully undertook important research for Calderdale Council to understand barriers and motivations of Calderdale residents around physical activity, healthy lifestyles, weight loss, active travel and cycling and road safety, to help plan future steps in behaviour change in these areas.


The research involved an on-street survey to establish residents’ views and perceptions followed by a series of focus groups to discuss the topics in greater detail.  Some of the findings include:


  • Participation in exercise was relatively high, but many found it difficult to exercise due to childcare and working patterns.
  • People wanted to see flexible and lower cost memberships at sporting facilities.
  • Many people wanted to cycle more but did not cycle on the roads for safety reasons and wanted more dedicated, safer cycle lanes.
  • Participants believed better communication of what health and exercise related events were happening around the area would encourage them to do more exercise.
  • Many participants could see the benefits of the introduction of the new 20mph speed limit