Two-Phase Satisfaction Research on behalf of Affinity Sutton

May 27, 2014

Enventure Research has been commissioned to conduct a series of surveys on behalf of Affinity Sutton Group, one of the largest independent providers of affordable housing in England.


Affinity Sutton provides over 57,000 properties in more than 120 local authority areas throughout the country. Over the next year Affinity Sutton will be coping improvements works and community investments activities on three of its estates.  To understand the impact that these actions may have on local communities, Affinity Sutton wishes to conduct a series of short investigative surveys both before and after the work and activities are carried out.  The surveys will aim to develop an understanding of residents’ satisfaction with their neighbourhood and will allow any changes in attitudes and opinions to be measured.


Enventure will conduct a two-phase survey of Affinity Sutton residents living on specific estates to measure levels of satisfaction, recording resident opinions both before and after any interventions.  The surveys will explore positive and negative aspects of the residents’ local area and identify common suggestions for practical changes and improvements, achieving a sample size of at least 25% of each of the selected estate populations.