Exploring Shropshire residents’ attitudes towards food waste recycling

Dec 15, 2016

Enventure Research has been commissioned by Shropshire County Council and Veolia to undertake a series of focus groups to gain insight into the barriers to recycling food waste in North Shropshire and to provide evidence-based recommendations on how to encourage residents to recycle their food waste.


Residents living in North Shropshire are able to recycle a wide range of materials, however the uptake of food waste recycling is very low. Shropshire Council and Veolia would therefore like to understand why residents are not recycling food waste and what would encourage them to do so in order that appropriate action can be taken.


A representative selection of residents will be recruited to participate in four 90 minute long focus groups via telephone and on-street recruitment. Between eight and ten participants will be recruited to each group. The focus groups will be led by Enventure Research’s skilled moderators, who will follow a specially designed discussion guide to lead group conversations.


Feedback from the focus groups will be organised into defined categories and sub-categories to build an analysis framework. From this, key findings and themes will be identified and related back to the overall aims and objectives of the consultation, to form a series of recommendations for Shropshire Council and Veolia.