2017 Sheffield Air Quality Campaign Research

Apr 10, 2017

Enventure Research is pleased to be working again with Sheffield City Council to conduct market research for its 2017 Air Quality Campaign.


The Air Quality Campaign began in 2014 and continues to raise awareness of air pollution, including types, sources, effects, how to tackle the issue and what is currently being done. It aims to affect behaviour change, encouraging the public to do more to reduce pollution levels and to protect themselves from air pollution. Enventure Research also supported the earlier stages of the Air Quality Campaign.


In order to understand the impact of the campaign, the Council now wishes to undertake a survey to assess levels of awareness of air pollution in Sheffield. The research will utilise many existing questions from previous waves of the survey to allow results to be tracked over time, highlighting any changes in views, attitudes and behaviours of the public in Sheffield.


The survey will be administered face-to-face on-street by a team of trained market research interviewers with a broadly representative sample of 300 Sheffield residents. Quotas will be set to ensure the sample is as representative as possible, based on the latest Census data available for the Sheffield City Council area.