Revisiting Residents’ Attitudes Towards Saving Energy

Jun 18, 2014

In October 2012 Affinity Sutton Group launched a project in response to an anticipated high incidence of fuel poverty amongst its residents called EnergyFit.  The project involved providing residents with lifestyle advice via an information pack and the training of frontline staff.  In April 2013 Enventure Research conducted an evaluation of EnergyFit via a telephone survey of 72 Affinity Sutton residents.  The findings of this research, alongside feedback from Affinity Sutton staff, helped to inform the next phase of the EnergyFit campaign, revising its aims in order to increase customer awareness and increase staff engagement.  EnergyFit2 was launched in October 2013.


Enventure Research has been re-commissioned to evaluate the second phase of the EnergyFit campaign to gain an understanding of how successful it has been in terms of its usefulness, effectiveness and areas for improvement.  Enventure will undertake a telephone survey with Affinity Sutton residents who received an EnergyFit2 pack, alongside an additional online survey in order to boost the total sample size.  The survey will be directly emailed to residents who received an EnergyFit2 packs and provided a valid email address.


The findings of the research will be used to inform the next phase of the EnergyFit campaign, which will commence in October 2014.


Matthew Thurman, Research Manager, commented “We’re really pleased to be working with Affinity Sutton again this year, particularly as it’s working on the same project so we’re seeing the full results from it.”