Resident Engagement to Tackle Recycling Contamination in Nottingham

Mar 21, 2014

Nottingham City Council has recently awarded a contract to Enventure Research to undertake engagement work in Nottingham aimed at tackling kerbside recycling contamination and improving the quality of recycling in specific areas of the city.
During the last five years, Nottingham City Council has increased its
recycling rates considerably and currently has a recycling rate of 32% by providing a comprehensive alternate-week co-mingled kerbside recycling scheme and a range of communication activities.  Recently the Council has seen an increase in recycling contamination in certain areas of the city, particularly in areas that are traditionally harder to engage with and more transitory, such as students, communities with multiple languages and areas of higher deprivation.
Contamination in the area averages at 14% of the recycling bin; however in some areas contamination is as high as 22%.

In order to help reduce contamination, Enventure Research engagement staff will be speaking to Nottingham residents on the doorstep to promote correct use of the recycling services, answer any questions or queries they might have, distribute ‘Recycle It Right’ leaflets and stickers and conduct a short resident survey.
It is hoped that this engagement will go some way to increasing recycling rates, reducing contamination costs and
supporting a more sustainable economy, thus making the city greener.