Research suggests that Brits cheat the heat(wave)

Jul 26, 2019

As the temperatures soared to give us the hottest July day ever recorded in the UK, we were reminded that we are terrible at coping with the heat. In the Enventure Research office, we managed to keep cool with lots of fans and open windows, and you know it’s hot when nobody wants a cup of tea or coffee! But how do others keep their cool when it’s so hot? We did some digging and we were quite surprised at some of the results.


According to a survey conducted during last year’s heatwave, over half (56%) of Brits admitted to struggling with the heat during the day and a further 41% said they found it too hot to concentrate in work.


When it comes to how people cope with the heat, a separate survey of office workers during the 2018 heatwave highlighted that three in ten (31%) Brits have made an excuse to not go into work so that they could enjoy the weather outside, with pretending to be ill being the most common excuse (32%). Smaller proportions blamed an ill relative (9%) and even a poorly pet (7%) for their absence on a sunny day.


So, as it turns out, Brits are even worse at coping with the heat than we initially thought. However you cope with the rising temperatures, we hope you manage to stay cool.