Research on EU qualified dental professionals’ attitudes towards Brexit

Aug 23, 2018

Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, the General Dental Council (GDC) wished to carry out research with EU nationals currently on the register who practise in the UK in order to understand the impact that Brexit would have on dentistry. Enventure Research were delighted to be commissioned to undertake this work and for the opportunity to work with the GDC again.


Topics covered in the questionnaire, designed by Enventure Research and the GDC, included the reason for coming to the UK, finding employment in the UK, intentions of leaving or staying in the UK and the significance of Brexit on this decision and the current impact of Brexit on dentistry in the UK.


All dental professionals currently on the register, who practise in the UK but became qualified within the EU, were invited to complete an online survey via email. Over a four week period, 2,464 registrants completed the survey, achieving a response rate of 39%. In addition to this quantitative research, 10 depth interviews were carried out with EU qualified dental professionals in order to gain better insight and explore survey findings in greater depth.


Analysis is now being undertaken by Enventure Research, who will provide a fully comprehensive report to the GDC detailing the findings of the quantitative survey and the depth interviews. The findings will be used as evidence to help inform future GDC policy and strategy.