Recycling Engagement with Residents in Ballymoney

Feb 2, 2015


Ballymoney Borough Council has commissioned Enventure Research to undertake a doorstepping engagement campaign which is aimed at promoting the correct use of the recycling services to residents of the borough.  A small team of Enventure Research’s trained recycling promoters will visit properties in the target areas identified by Ballymoney Borough Council, aiming to speak with at least 1,800 residents over the duration of the project.


The Recycling Promoters will motivate residents to recycling via direct interaction on the doorstep, using a short conversational-style questionnaire to find out information about attitudes towards and current usage of the waste and recycling services.  The team will answer any questions residents may have about recycling, help them to overcome any perceived barriers to recycling, and ultimately, aim to increase participation in the recycling scheme.

The fieldwork will take place over a three-week period in February 2015.