Providing further research with dental professionals and patients

Mar 24, 2015

The General Dental Council (GDC) has once again commissioned Enventure Research to deliver two separate pieces of research.


The first research project targets both patients and dental professionals to explore how patient awareness of the GDC’s standards could be raised. All practising dental professionals in the UK must abide by the GDC’s standards, and therefore awareness amongst this audience is very high. As might be expected, patient awareness of the standards is low, but it is felt that increased awareness could lead to improved understanding of what to expect when visiting a dental professional.


The GDC, therefore, wishes to find out what information patients need when visiting a dental professional to ensure that they know what to expect during their visit, based on feedback from both patients and dental professionals. To deliver this research, an online survey and focus groups are being carried out with both patients and dental professionals in a staged approach, allowing each element of the methodology to inform the next.


The second project is a review of the GDC’s current website amongst dental professionals. The current website design is five years old, and therefore the GDC is planning to redesign the site to ensure that it better meets the needs of its users in terms of design, layout, content and accessibility.



Enventure is delivering an online survey amongst a sample of dental professionals to find out what they think to the current website and how it could be redesigned to better meet their needs.