Exploring public views towards extended GP services in North Lincolnshire

Jul 3, 2017

Enventure Research has been commissioned by North Lincolnshire CCG to design and host an online survey exploring the views and experiences of local people with regard to extended access to GP services.


The CCG needs to ensure that additional investment in GP services is used wisely to meet patient demand and therefore wishes to understand public views on how GP extended hours services are likely to be used. The survey will explore a number of key topics, including timing of extended hours appointments, service location, remote access to primary care and attitudes towards seeing a range of healthcare professionals.


The survey will be hosted online by Enventure Research and also made available for completion in hard copy format by the CCG. The online survey will be optimised for smartphones, PCs, laptops and tablets to ensure that respondents can take part using a variety of devices.


To supplement the survey findings, the CCG will be facilitating a series of focus groups and meetings with the public. The data gathered from this qualitative research will be analysed and reported on by Enventure Research, along with the findings from the online survey.


All findings will be collated into a single report in order to create the most accurate picture of perceptions, opinions and needs as possible, and will contribute to designing a new service specification for a contract to operate extended access to GP practice services.