Enventure working with NHSLA to deliver 2017 Customer Survey

Dec 22, 2016

The NHS Litigation Authority (NHS LA) has recently appointed Enventure Research to deliver its 2017 Customer Survey. The NHS LA operates in between the Health Service and the Civil Justice System, with a remit to ensure that claims for compensation involving NHS organisations and their employees are resolved fairly and efficiently by experts in the field. It offers an impartial tribunal service for contractor disputes and supports the NHS by resolving concerns about the performance of medical professionals. It also provides advice to NHS organisations and other bodies about learning from claims.


The research will gather the views of NHS LA members and customers, which include clinical commissioning groups, acute specialist and non-specialist NHS trusts, NHS mental health trusts, NHS community providers, ambulance trusts, independent providers of NHS care and national bodies.


An online survey will be developed to explore views and experiences in relation to the various NHS LA indemnity schemes, associated claims management services, the National Clinical Assessment Service (NCAS) and the Safety & Leaning service, as well as overall customer satisfaction. The survey will be emailed to a database of contacts provided by the NHS LA, with reminder emails and telephone calls made to non-responders to help boost the response rate.


The research will build on the findings from the 2015 Customer Survey and will be used by the NHS LA to assess its overall performance, as well as its indemnity schemes and services so that it can make improvements to how it operates and provides its customer services. In addition, the NHA LA will gain an understanding of how to better engage with its customers and members and continue to meet their needs and expectations in the future.