NHS England appoints Enventure Research to consult on public communication

Aug 17, 2015

NHS England recently commissioned Enventure Research to undertake research to gain a better understanding of how people find out about health information and the best ways that NHS England, in particular North, Midlands and East NHS Communications Services, communicate with the public.  The research involved interviewing 1,500 members of the public in Shropshire and Staffordshire followed by a series of focus groups to discuss and explore issues in greater detail.


The research revealed that people prefer traditional forms of communication when it is of a personal nature, but are happy to receive general health information via email and text.  There is a reluctance to use social media for health information, but people do use NHS websites for health information and advice as they trust the NHS name.  NHS England will be looking to make more people aware of the services that pharmacists offer as these are often under-utilised and could help reduce demand on other health services.