Multi-phase research with Clarion residents to shape future digital services

Oct 7, 2022

Enventure Research was appointed by Clarion to better understand how and why Clarion residents use the internet, how they currently interact with Clarion when required, and how they would prefer to engage in the future via digital channels.

The research was delivered in two phases and adopted a mixed methodology approach. Phase 1 involved an online survey of Clarion residents and a series of in-depth interviews to establish their current digital behaviour and to inform the concepts for testing in the second phase of the research. Phase 2 involved a series of focus groups to explore Clarion residents’ opinions on potential concepts for future digital communications.

Two separate PowerPoint reports were produced following each phase of the research, followed by a presentation of the key findings to Clarion staff. The research showed that, whilst there is an appetite for more communication to move online, residents typically favour a positive outcome from any interaction over the method of communication.  

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