Mixed methodology research with Manchester residents on climate change and becoming a zero-carbon city

Aug 23, 2023

Manchester City Council commissioned Enventure Research to undertake research with Manchester residents to gather insight about their perceptions of climate change in order to build upon findings from the climate change engagement carried out in 2019 by Enventure Research.

The research was delivered in two phases using a mixed methodology approach. The first phase involved a representative telephone survey of 1,109 Manchester residents which aimed to understand residents’ perceptions, understanding and awareness of climate change, their behaviours related to climate change, and to establish what residents think the Council should prioritise to become a zero-carbon city by 2038. The second phase of the research involved a series of three focus groups with Manchester residents which explored the survey topics in greater detail, as well as ideas for a future communications campaign.

Findings from the quantitative and qualitative research were collated into a comprehensive written report for the Council, including direct comparisons with the findings from the engagement carried out in 2019 where relevant. The findings from the research will inform the Council’s communications with residents around climate change and becoming a zero-carbon city.

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