Exploring attitudes towards homelessness for the Big Change campaign

Feb 23, 2016

Enventure Research are delighted to have been appointed to work again with Manchester City Council (MCC), alongside a number of Manchester charities, organisations and voluntary sector agencies, in the provision of a piece of research examining views about homelessness. The homelessness steering group have worked to develop the Big Change Manchester campaign, which was launched in December 2015 and aims to help provide sustainable long-term support and solutions to homelessness.


To help ensure that the campaign is shaped to target the right people with the right messages, Enventure Research will develop a suitable questionnaire to gather the views of Manchester residents, workers, students and visitors regarding the complex topic of homelessness.


An experienced team of IQCS-trained fieldwork interviewers will complete 300 on-street interviews with residents, workers and visitors to Manchester, ensuring that set quotas for each target group are met. The questionnaire will also be made available for completion online and the link emailed to a database of university students in order to gather at least 100 responses from this target group.


Enventure Research will undertake detailed analysis of all data gathered throughout the survey period, providing a comprehensive research report. The results will help the homelessness steering group understand how to shape the campaign and what messages will resonate based on public attitudes, perceptions and current behaviours towards those who are sleeping rough or homeless.