Manchester City Council reputation tracking research

Oct 1, 2018

Enventure Research has recently been commissioned by Manchester City Council to undertake a series of surveys with Manchester residents aimed at tracking the reputation of the Council over a period of 12 months.


Telephone surveys will be conducted with a representative sample of Manchester residents each month for the first quarter, and on a quarterly basis thereafter in order to measure the reputation of the Council over time to understand the changes in reputation and perception. To ensure a representative sample is achieved for each survey, quotas will be set on demographics and geographies.


In order to understand the overall reputation of the Council, as well as the Council’s performance on the key political and strategic priorities, a questionnaire was designed by Enventure Research in conjunction with the Council.


The first survey was completed with a representative sample of 805 Manchester residents, with Enventure Research providing Manchester City Council with a technical report shortly after fieldwork closing. Additional reports will be produced upon completion of the subsequent surveys being carried out for the remainder of the year, with results being displayed together in charts for direct comparison.