Longitudinal research exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Clarion residents

Apr 28, 2022

When Enventure Research delivered the Index survey on behalf of Clarion Housing in summer 2020, many of the questions related to the impact of the pandemic given the timing of fieldwork. The results generated by these questions helped to inform Clarion’s ongoing response to the pandemic, but Clarion wished to monitor the impact of the pandemic on its residents via a longitudinal survey, which Enventure Research was commissioned to carry out.

Following the 2020 Index survey, three follow-up telephone surveys were conducted with a sample of the same residents to allow their attitudes and opinions to be tracked over a prolonged period of time. The fourth and final wave of the survey also involved a series of in-depth interviews with Clarion residents so that case studies could be included in the final report.

Findings from all waves of the research have been collated into a final report showing how responses have changed over time, and will help Clarion to shape service delivery following the pandemic, particularly as new issues emerge such as the cost of living crisis and the conflict in Ukraine.

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