Oct 9, 2018

Since establishment in 2003, Enventure Research has worked on over 200 waste and recycling projects up and down the country, such as doorstepping and engagement activities, communications testing and development, satisfaction surveys and participation monitoring. This experience and expertise, combined with the fact that we are a local business, has meant that we have been intrigued by the new #LeedsByExample campaign that launched yesterday in Leeds.


The campaign is a collaboration between Leeds City Council, environmental change charity Hubbub, compliance scheme Ecosurety and 23 leading retailers and brands, with the aim of improving recycling on the go.


A number of innovative interventions have been introduced throughout Leeds City Centre and the Seacroft Estate, to encourage the public to recycle on the go, and will be sticking around for the next six months. To read more about the campaign and the innovative ways being used to encourage recycling, you can read this article on the Hubbub website.