Insight research to inform Leeds recycling campaign

Apr 27, 2017

Leeds City Council, as part of its ambition to become a ‘zero waste’ city, has appointed Enventure Research to undertake insight research with Leeds residents to inform a behavioural change campaign targeting glass and paper/card recycling (identified as two problematic waste streams following recent waste analysis).


Enventure Research will undertake four focus groups with a representative sample of Leeds residents to develop an understanding of current recycling behaviours, barriers faced, motivations to change recycling behaviours and appropriate communications channels. The research will also be an opportunity to test messages and imagery to ascertain the highest recall and impact.


Focus group participants will be recruited on-street using an agreed stratification to ensure they are representative of the Leeds population. Enventure Research’s skilled moderators will follow a specially designed discussion guide to ensure all topics of discussion are covered in a flexible way without constraining the flow of discussion and debate.


The insight gained from the research will form a series of recommendations for Leeds City Council to help ensure that the behavioural change campaign is targeted appropriately to achieve the desired results.