Kingston First Visitor Survey

Jul 17, 2019

Kingston First was established in 2005 and is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for delivering a number of initiatives to support the commercial success of the business community in Kingston upon Thames.


An initial piece of visitor research was conducted last year by Kingston First with visitors to Kingston town centre. Following on from this, Kingston First wished to gain further understanding around consumer awareness of the town from those who live further afield and in neighbouring towns. Enventure Research was recently commissioned to undertake this research.


Enventure Research and Kingston First have been working in partnership to design a suitable questionnaire to use for the research, which will cover topics such as the awareness of Kingston as a town and its amenities and facilities, perceptions of Kingston and barriers to visiting Kingston. Fieldwork will be carried out by Enventure Research’s local team of trained interviewers in July and August.


Upon completion of the fieldwork, Enventure Research will carry out detailed analysis of the survey results and provide Kingston First with a full research report. The findings from the research will help to inform Kingston First’s strategic marketing for the promotion of Kingston upon Thames as a destination, to understand the awareness of Kingston and to identify new target market possibilities.