Enventure Research to undertake public consultation on behalf of Keighley Town Council

Feb 25, 2016

Keighley Town Council (KTC) has appointed Enventure Research to undertake a public consultation with Keighley residents regarding future use of its Civic Centre and how to best manage the facility. The results from the consultation will help shape the Council’s subsequent business plans for each area of the Civic Centre and high level strategy plan. The public consultation process is likely to generate additional opportunities, ideas and potentially organisations that would work with KTC to re-invigorate the premises.


Working with the Council, Enventure Research will design a questionnaire to explore topics such as perception and awareness of the Civic Centre and the services provided there, past experiences of visiting the Centre, suggestions for improvements to the Centre, interest in Centre functions and other ideas for raising revenue. Four thousand paper copies of the questionnaire and consultation documents will be distributed to Council-operated buildings. An online version will also be available to further increase participation.


In conjunction with the survey, a series of four focus groups will be held with adults from the general population of Keighley. The groups will aim to explore the views of Keighley residents and business owners in greater depth, helping to enrich the findings from the online and paper questionnaire. Following the consultation period Enventure Research will undertake statistical and thematic analysis on the qualitative and quantitative data, providing a full written report and presentation of the findings to KTC.