Insightful Research with Catch22 Customers Draws to a Close

Aug 21, 2014


Enventure Research has recently delivered insightful customer feedback research on behalf of Catch22, a large social enterprise charity which helps young people and families in difficult situations to turn their lives around.  The services provided by Catch22 (which include National Citizen Service, leaving care, substance misuse services, missing from home services, high level family support and domestic abuse support) are all commissioned by local authority commissioners across England and Wales.  Catch22 wished to develop insight into these commissioners’ perceptions and experiences of the quality of its services.


A mixed quantitative and qualitative method approach was taken to the research.  A quantitative online survey was developed in partnership between Catch22 and Enventure Research and emailed to a selection of 44 commissioners.  Follow-up telephone calls were made to respondents who did not participate online, leading to an overall response rate of 41%.  In-depth qualitative interviews were conducted with 11 respondents who participated in the online or telephone survey in order to gain greater insight into the quantitative findings.

Enventure Research provided comprehensive reporting on the qualitative and quantitative results, detailing interesting findings, conclusions and recommendations arising from the research.  The results will be used to inform future planning for Catch22, identifying potential areas for improvement to the services.