Insightful Consultation with Gloucestershire Residents and Carers

Feb 9, 2015

The second part of the Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) Meeting the Challenge Consultation has now been completed.  Enventure Research delivered seven focus groups and two half-day workshops on behalf of the Council with a cross-section of residents, service users, partners and community and voluntary organisations, aiming to gather feedback on the Council’s new draft policies, issues and ideas and their implementation in Gloucestershire.  The events were very successful and elicited a number of useful suggestions and practical recommendations.
A copy of the final workshop report has been published on the GCC website and can be found here.

As a result of the consultation, the Council’s draft strategy has been altered in several ways.  The proposed budget has also been altered.  Details about this can be found on the Council’s website here.
Emma Burchell, Consultation Manager (GCC) commented, “We commissioned Enventure Research to carry out some focus groups with residents, community groups and partners, to consult on the Council’s new strategy and underlying policies.  They delivered a high quality consultation in tight timescales and delivered reports to us in a timely way.  Joanne was very easy to work with and there was a good open level of communication throughout the project to ensure that we were kept informed of progress and any issues were addressed quickly.  Enventure Research were very flexible and adapted well to a change in scope during the project timeline.  We would recommend them highly for any high level consultation project