Guildford appoints Enventure for its engagement expertise

Sep 14, 2010

Guildford Borough Council has appointed Enventure to undertake engagement activity in areas within the borough to increase recycling and reduce contamination.


Currently, Guildford Borough Council enjoys a recycling rate of 45% but wants to ensure all residents can participate in the scheme and understand how to use it.  The council appointed Enventure, which is the second piece of work it has awarded Enventure, to undertake engagement activity by approaching 15,000 households.  Engagement staff will knock on doors and talk to residents to ensure they fully understand the scheme, know what can’t be recycled through it and to take orders for recycling boxes.


Engagement staff will also recruit enthusiastic residents who would like to volunteer and become a Community Recycler, a scheme that has been operating the last few years and has hundreds of active volunteers supporting and encouraging their local communities to recycle.


Matthew Thurman, Research Executive commented “The recent win with Guildford Borough Council shows that local authorities really trust Enventure to do a good job with their public engagement.  We are really looking forward to working with Guildford Borough Council again”.