Enventure Research commissioned to deliver the General Optical Council’s Patient Perception Survey 2016

Feb 28, 2016

Enventure Research has recently been appointed to undertake public perception research on behalf of the General Optical Council (GOC), the regulator for optical professions in the UK. The GOC’s mission is to protect and promote the health and safety of the public, and is a new client for Enventure Research.


The GOC wishes to undertake a survey of patients and the general public, exploring their views and experiences in relation to visits to the opticians and the optical profession. The research will allow comparison with the previous survey, enabling perceptions to be tracked over time by comparing results to the previous year’s survey, and also collect data on new topical areas.


The survey will be administered online to a representative sample of the UK population, with additional telephone and face-to-face interviews conducted to ensure specific interlocking quotas are met. Enventure Research has also proposed to deliver a programme of qualitative research in the form of focus groups and in depth interviews to provide additional insight to the survey findings.


Following the research fieldwork, Enventure Research will provide the GOC with a comprehensive report, clearly presenting the findings of the research and interpreting what they mean for future GOC policy.