Exploring experiences of laser eye surgery

Nov 3, 2017

Enventure Research has recently completed a programme of research with members of the public who have undergone laser eye surgery on behalf of the General Optical Council (GOC). The GOC regulates the optical professions in the UK, aiming to protect and promote the health and safety of the public.


The GOC has commissioned Enventure Research on several occasions previously, including the provision of its 2015 and 2017 Public Perceptions Surveys, its 2016 Registrant Survey, and a survey conducted in August 2017 to understand registrants’ views about the current process of assessing patients’ fitness to drive and whether changes were required to further protect the public.


This research aimed to explore the experiences of those who had undergone laser eye surgery, developing insight into the decision to have laser eye surgery, costs, incentives, the sales process, consent, aftercare, experience of the complaints procedure, and overall levels of satisfaction. A quantitative and qualitative approach was taken in the form of an online survey and in depth telephone interviews with members of the public who had undergone laser eye surgery.


Specific questions were asked to members of the public completing the online Public Perceptions Survey who indicated they had had laser eye surgery. Following the Public Perceptions Survey, a number of these respondents were invited to participate in further qualitative research to provide additional insight into their experiences. Twenty interviews were completed with residents from across the UK, including a split of gender and range of ages.


The findings from both aspects of the research were analysed and collated into a comprehensive research report, which provided useful insight into patients’ experiences for the GOC.