Exploring Greater Manchester residents’ views about data sharing

Sep 11, 2017

Enventure Research has recently been appointed by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) to design, conduct and report on a programme of engagement with Greater Manchester residents in regard to their perceptions, opinions and experiences about data and information sharing for the public benefit.


The GMCA has recently developed an information sharing programme across the Greater Manchester area called GM Connect. The aim of the programme is to improve information sharing using digital technology in order to allow public services to be better connected and more effective, avoiding the need for duplication and providing better value for money.


In order to gather feedback from residents, Enventure Research’s experienced market research interviewers will undertake a face to face survey with a representative sample of 1,000 Greater Manchester residents from across the ten local authority areas (100 interviews in each area). To allow all residents the opportunity to participate, the consultation will be open to all Greater Manchester residents in the form of a paper and online questionnaire made available in public locations and promoted using local organisations, events and social media.


Enventure Research will also undertake a programme of qualitative research to supplement the consultation findings. Ten workshops will be held across Greater Manchester, each attended by eight to ten residents who will participate in a number of participatory activities designed to gather detailed feedback about their perceptions about data and information sharing and further insight into findings from the open consultation and face to face survey. To enable those unable to attend a workshop the opportunity to provide their feedback, 20 in depth telephone interviews will be undertake with residents. Six interviews will also be conducted with GP practice staff to gather their views and opinions.


Qualitative research participants will be recruited via the open consultation and face to face survey and will be broadly representative of the Greater Manchester population, including typically hard to reach groups.


The findings will provide useful insight to the GMCA to help it develop a resident engagement strategy and help determine key tactics for a public awareness campaign on the wider public service reform and information sharing.


Commenting on the recent win, Andrew Cameron, Research Manager, said:

“We are very pleased to be working with the Greater Manchester Combined Authority to explore Greater Manchester residents’ opinions about data and information sharing. The in depth programme of research will enable us to gather the views of a large number of residents and provide the GMCA with useful feedback to inform its GM Connect approach.”