Greater Manchester Foundation Economy Innovation Insight Research

Dec 9, 2021

GMCA is currently in the process of developing a programme of activity to support Greater Manchester’s Foundational Economy – the area of the economy that supplies everyday, essential goods and services needed for social and economic functioning and wellbeing. This includes sectors such as Social Care and Early Years, Retail, and the Hospitality and Leisure.


Before any activity and programmes are developed, GMCA wants to learn about the issues affecting businesses and self-employed people in these sectors, and what support or networks are currently available to help address challenges and to develop businesses and careers, and importantly, where there might be gaps in this support.


It also wants to know more about how innovation is being enabled in this part of the economy and whether there are certain challenges or missions that need concerted action or coordinated responses across Greater Manchester.


GMCA has commissioned Enventure Research to undertake several focus groups with Greater Manchester businesses and those employed in these sectors.