Exploring Clarion residents’ experiences of reporting damp and mould issues to improve the process

Nov 6, 2023

After implementing a new case-managed process related to the reporting and repair of damp and mould issues, Clarion wished to understand how to better support residents with these issues and how to improve the process.

Enventure Research conducted three online focus groups with Clarion residents, including those who had reported a damp and mould issue before the case-managed process was implemented, those who made a report after it was implemented, and those who currently have a damp and mould issue but have not reported this to Clarion.

Whilst participants were generally knowledgeable of the causes of damp and mould and had attempted to fix their issues themselves, they felt that things beyond their control can exacerbate issues, and found that damp and mould can have a significant impact on their health and wellbeing, finances, and general comfort. Participants provided a number of valuable suggestions were made for Clarion to consider moving forward regarding encouraging earlier reporting of damp and mould issues, and how to improve the reporting and repair process.

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