Evaluation of ‘Think About Your Drinking’ Campaign for NHS Kirklees

Dec 8, 2011

Enventure is currently working with NHS Kirklees to evaluate itsnew health campaign, encouraging parents to think about their drinking and theimpact that it can have on their children and coping with family life.

Thecampaign, called ‘Think about your Drinking’ was developed by NHS Kirkleesbased on initial scoping research provided by Enventure earlier this year.  The research found that a campaign targeting parents, focusing on the affect drinking can have on their children, could potentially have the biggest impact on changing drinking behaviours and, perhaps more importantly,encouraging people to really start to think about their
drinking habits.

Parentswho drink regularly or drink too much in one sitting can end up behavingdifferently around their children, and research shows that children learn about
drinking from their parents and family from a young age. The‘Think about ’ campaign was launched on Friday 2 December in Huddersfield with a street theatre event, and includes a poster and advertising campaign, website and Facebook page.


Enventure is now carrying out an evaluation of this campaign by conducting on street interviews with Huddersfield residents to find out what they think to the
campaign and whether it encourages them to think about their drinking habits,particularly in the run up to Christmas. It addition to the on street survey,Enventure will also be recruiting residents to take part in a ‘Research Collective’ where respondents are involved in a four week programme of research, including depth interviews, completing drinking diaries, responding to text and picture messages, and taking part in Facebook discussions.

The findings of this evaluation research will be used to help NHS Kirklees understand the success of the campaign and whether this kind of approach would be suitable to be rolled out to other areas of the district.