Enventure Research explores how Birmingham residents consume news and local information

Jun 13, 2022

As Birmingham City Council communicates with its residents on a daily basis, it was keen to establish the most appropriate way to do this so that it reaches as many residents as possible in the most efficient way. Enventure Research was appointed to conduct research with Birmingham residents to understand their habits related to news consumption.

A face-to-face survey was designed in partnership with the Council, which aimed to understand how residents consume national news and information, local or regional news and information, news and information related to Birmingham City Council and its services, and how frequently they consume news. The survey was conducted with a representative sample of Birmingham residents via face-to-face interviews across various locations in the city.

A final report detailing the survey results was produced for the Council following data analysis, including looking at any differences by subgroups. Results from the survey show that television and social media are the most popular methods of consuming national, local and regional news, whilst residents prefer to find out about Birmingham City Council news via its website.

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