Enventure Research completes research into the perception of UK optical education

Jul 9, 2018

Following a five-week fieldwork period, Enventure Research has now completed a piece of research on behalf of the General Optical Council exploring the perception of optical education in the UK.

A mixed methodological approach was taken for this research, adopting both quantitative and qualitative methodologies by means of an online survey with newly qualified optical practitioners and a series of telephone interviews with newly qualified optical practitioners as well as employers.


In total, 751 responses were received to the online survey. A further 35 telephone interviews were held, 12 of which were with newly qualified optical practitioners and 23 with employers of newly qualified optical practitioners.


The findings of the research were provided to the General Optical Council in a full report, detailing both the quantitative and qualitative findings which complemented each other well.


To read more about the research, please visit the GOC’s website. To read the report, please click here.