Enventure begins a second recycling project in Northern Ireland this year

Feb 8, 2019

Fieldwork has just started for a second recycling project that Enventure Research has been commissioned to deliver in Northern Ireland in 2019. Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council commissioned Enventure Research to deliver a door canvassing project to run alongside the Council’s own ‘Recycle Right’ campaign, which will involve speaking directly with residents on their doorstep.


A team of Enventure’s fully trained canvassing staff will be working on the campaign over the next few weeks across the Council area, completing a questionnaire with residents on their doorstep about their recycling habits. Staff will also be providing information about how to ‘Recycle Right’ to complement the Council’s own campaign.


In order to glean as much insight as possible, Enventure is also hosting an online version of the doorstep survey for residents to complete in their own time should they be unable to speak to the canvassers for any reason at the time of the house call. Residents who complete the online survey will be offered the opportunity to be entered into a prize draw for shopping vouchers.


The findings from the research will assist the Council in developing its waste and recycling programme in the future, as well as highlight any recycling issues for residents such as particular materials that may cause confusion. Enventure will provide the Council with a full comprehensive report detailing the findings from both the doorstep and online survey.